My research interests lie in the area of Automated Bioprocess Development with emphasis on Autonomous Laboratories including: modelling, experimental validation in robotic facilities, operation, optimization, and numerical analysis of biotechnological processes. My main research goal is to develop and apply novel approaches, concepts and tools for the understanding, monitoring, and prediction of complex nonlinear dynamic systems in industrial bioprocesses.


Publications and Presentations:

Dr. Cruz has published over 50 peer review papers in the field of model-based tools for Wastewater, Biogas, bioprocess fermentations for recombinant protein production and High Throughput Bioprocess Development. In the recent years his research is focused in High Throughput experiments for bioprocess development.
The group of High Throughput Bioprocess Development from Dr. Cruz is leading research in model based operation of High Throughput experiments. We have built a unique robotic station that can be operated by dynamical optimization programs online. By this the experimental design is re-computed during the cultivation. Since 2017, the group has written 17 peer review manuscripts (three under revision), and presented in more than 30 conferences and symposia (national and international).

Selected Publications:

Modelling concentration gradients in fed‐batch cultivations of E. coli–towards the flexible design of scale‐down experiments
Anane E, Sawatzki A, Neubauer P, Cruz Bournazou M. N.;
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2018

Bioprocess Development in the era of digitalization.
Neubauer P, Glauche F, Cruz Bournazou M.N.
Engineering in Life Sciences, 2017

Online optimal experimental re‐design in robotic parallel fed‐batch cultivation facilities for validation of macro‐kinetic growth models
Cruz Bournazou, M N; Barz, T; Nickel, D; Lopez, D; Glauche, F; Knepper, A; Neubauer, P;
Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2017

Online bioprocess data generation, analysis and optimization for parallel fed‐batch fermentations at mL scale
Nickel, D.; Cruz Bournazou, M. N.; Wilms, T.; Neubauer, P.; Knepper, A.;
Engineering in Life Sciences, 2016

Consistent development of bioprocesses from microliter cultures to the industrial scale
Neubauer, P.; Cruz Bournazou, M. N.; Glauche, F.; Junne, S.; Knepper, A.; Raven, M.;
Engineering in Life Sciences, 2013


• more than 20 oral presentations,
• 6 invited presentations in international conferences:
o Bioprocessing Summit, Boston 2018
o Greenwind Liege, 2018
o ElrIG symposium, Strassbourg 2018
o AdvancedProcess Data Analytics, Zürich 2018
o Internal seminar 2018 GSK,
o Bioproduction Congress, Dublin 2017